Choosing The Right Paint Finish To Showcase Wall Art

Paint Finishes & Wall Art

The Right Paint Finish To Showcase Artwork

Choosing the right paint finish for your wall not only enhances the art but also allows you to showcase your unique style.  From matte to glossy, each finish contributes to the overall aesthetic, creating a personalized and visually appealing backdrop for your favorite pieces.

Before we get to paint finishes, let's talk about . . .


  • Is a crucial base coat applied before painting to provide a protective foundation, ensuring a smooth and even finish.
  • It reduces the required number of paint coats and, being white, minimizes the risk of the underlying color affecting the new coat.
  • Despite seeming unnecessary, applying primer significantly impacts the final reset.

                 Finish Coat

  • Although the term “finish coat” may sound like a sophisticated slant requiring an additional step in your project, it simply denotes the type of paint applied over the primer.
  • By selecting the appropriate paint finish for your task, there’s no need to apply any additional sealing layer.

                 Type of Paint

  • Numerous paint varieties exist such as oil and acrylic, but water based latex paint stands out as the conventional choice for most residential painting projects.
  • Its application is straightforward, cleanup is swift, and it poses no risk for individuals with latex allergies.

Finish & Sheen

Wall paint finish or sheen is a measure of how much light reflects off a painted surface.  Choosing the right finish or sheen is a crucial consideration for those who wish to showcase their wall art in the most visually pleasing manner within their living spaces.

There Are 5 Major Sheen Categories . . .

Evaluate lighting conditions

Here are some helpful examples . . .




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